Real Estate Equity


Real Estate Equity

The SocioCorporate Exchange is creating dynamic Real Estates worldwide but in a secure financial jurisdiction for our subscribing investment members and entire external Investors within the SocioCorporate and including the International Students within the Invest-2-Study™ Scheme. We are focusing on the Properties in the USA, Canada, European Union, UK, South Africa and some parts of Africa.

The SocioCorporate Exchange allows subscribing investors and external investors to buy into our Real Estate Equities and therefore owning Assets in such countries where the Assets reside. The contemporary method of collective investing is beating all the odds in the Global Real Estate Market as Investors can physically own Properties in high-yielding jurisdictions without necessarily being present.

The Real Estate market is among the high-yielding sector in the global market even in the aftermath of COVID. The Return on Investment (ROI) is as high as 32% in most of the Trans-Atlantic and Western Markets and going strong annually. However, it should be noted that our collective bargaining power also contributes to the high-turnover of our Asset portfolios.

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The SocioCorporate™ is a US-based International Business Development Agency; supporting Institutions and Individuals with expert Business Services as a linkage to Globalized Markets

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