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The SocioCorporate™ is a US-based International Business Development Agency; supporting Institutions and Individuals with expert Business Services as a linkage to Globalized Markets.

We have diverse-but-international business development strategies all geared to ensure that our societies adopt GLOBALIZATION and Information Technologies as our NEXT Generation.

At SocioCorporate™ we believe in the consolidation of the Purchasing Power as the most fundamental aspect to acquiring sociocapital for socioeconomic development. We therefore have a socio-structural network of Trade and Investment Clubs, TechClubs and Student Societies; completing our socio-circle of consolidating our resources to compete effectively on the Globalized

The SocioCorporate™ has introduced the “Invest-to-Study” Scheme to allow International Students to own Equities within the SocioCorporate™
Investments (especially the Real Estates). The Invest-to-Study Scheme is one of the several programs and projects we have introduced on the global market to inspire societies to collectively benefit from globalization.

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The TILES System

The TILES™ System is the SocioCorporate ideology through which societies and individuals are holistically ushered to the benefits of the globalization and or global market structures. The TILES™ System accommodates all aspects of the global markets requirements for development i.e. Trade, Invest, Live, Export and Study anywhere all over the world.

With the TILES™ System in place, SocioCorporate is able to advise business societies on Global Trade and Investments, International Students access affordable global education logistics, Global Societies can now migrate to their desirable greener destinations and Governments are supported on the Foreign Direct Investments

The TILES™ System is also based on the philosophy of encouraging the business societies to “Consolidate their Purchasing Powers” to own their “Common Resources”. The blueprint therefore encourages the formation of Business Consortiums, Investment Societies and International Student Clubs to enable fulfill our vision of “Shared Resources” for global participation.

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