Invest-2-Study™ Scheme


Invest-2-Study™ Scheme

The Invest-2-Study™ Scheme is designed to support the International Students from Least Developed Nations to invest in Real Estate Equities and the project pays the School Tuition until their final year. This arrangement allows International Students to make a One-Time Payment and concentrate on h/her studies as we make termly tuition emanating from the interest accumulation.

The Invest-2-Study™ Scheme has a holistic approach to the International Studentship as it has partnered with major Universities in US, EU, UK and Canada to ensure the Students are well and terms of payments are negotiated appropriately with the University Administration. The International Students are therefore supported right from the Recruitment to the right University and Course until h/her settlement for studies.

The Invest-2-Study™ Scheme is not only a substitute of the Student Loans our International Students cannot access, but however, and Equity investment opportunity to have a share in the Real Estate market. The Scheme takes direct credit from the University Administration on behalf of the Student for future payment to allow the maturity of the interest earnings from the Real Estate Equities. As a result, our client pays using the interest earnings and part of the equity employed. At the end of h/her studies, our
student client would have used less than 60% of the total tuition, and hence having a 40% balance in Real Estate Investments.

The Invest-2-Study™ Scheme is therefore a hassle-free for both students and their benefactors as they make a once-lifetime investment choice and the Invest-2-Study™ Scheme care for the Student until h/she finishes the studies. Surprisingly, by the end of the student course, our student client would have saved close to 30% instead on the tuition but in investments (not savings) and more so learnt the investment dynamics at the tender age.

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