Investment Societies

Investment Societies

Investment Societies

Group Investment is the central ideology of the SocioCorporate Exchange and the reason we encourage the formation of the Investment Societies to consolidate the resources in order to solidify the purchasing positions at the globalized markets

Investors Forum


The SocioCorporate Investors’ Forum is a society for those who wish to invest in our Real Estate Equities. Such Investors can first subscribe as members to benefit from the internal Membership subsidies. The subscribed Members in this category also participate in our SocioCorporate Global Investors Forum at a subsidized fee.

Tech Forum


The SocioCorporate Tech Forum Members are for those with earnest interest in the Information Technology. The TechEntrepreneurs in this category are supported to implement their prototype, but also allowed to make internal investments
with subsidies.

Student Forum


The SocioCorporate Student Forum is a membership society for students who participate in the Invest-2-Study™ Scheme. The Student investors under this category also receive subsidies on all our events and investment portfolios respectively.


SocioCorporate Associate membership is an “Honorary” category only reserved and or awarded to our donors and
sponsors to our program activities. However, any members who exceeds an annual transaction of $10,000 is designated an Associate member title