The Forum for the International Students Abroad®

The Forum for the International Students® – Europe

The Forum for the African International Students® – Europe brings together African International Students, International Education Advisers (EA) from emerging African economies, Universities and College Admission Board Members in Europe to discuss major developments in African international student and cultural exchanges.

The Forum for the African International Students® are series of international education membership events organized by the SocioCorporate® Exchange in partnership with Heritage & Fashions and the Education East Africa (EduEA); in an effort to establish an African International Student and Cultural Exchange platform for those youth and students living and studying all over the world.

The Forum for the African International Students® is organizing multiple educational and cultural exchange events within Europe:-

• The Forum for the African International Students Conference Sep. 23 – 24, 2019.

• The Open Universities Tours (Berlin, Amsterdam & London) – Sept 25 – 29, 2019.

• The African-Europe Cultural Fair® (Concurrently i.e. Sept. 23 – 30, 2019).

• The African Cultural Dinner Sunday, September 30, 2019.

Expected Outcomes • Launch the Forum for the African International Students® – as an education and cultural exchange support SOCIETY for African students in Europe.

• Establish Partnerships and Collaboration agreements between the Student Advisers in Africa and universities, as vehicles to increase ENROLLMENTS of African students to western universities.

• Introduce Student Settlement Partnerships® (BlockChain – SSP) as International Student Guarantees to co-finance African Students Abroad.

The two-day conference is aimed at launching the Forum for the African International Students® as a SOCIETY supporting Africa Students studying in Europe.

The blueprint is further establishing major education services partnerships through our Student Settlement Partnerships® as a Student Guarantee to support the enrollments, tuition structuring and sustenance of students during their stay abroad.

The Grand Conference Reception is designed to journey us back to the African cultural heritage roots. The African socio-cultural diversity is expected to be displayed by various cultural performing artists from all walks of African countries and societies.

Forum for the African International Students® is, therefore, inviting competent cultural performing organizations to register their interests to participate in the Forum for the African International Students® – Europe, by writing to the Events Manager ( Day I: Sept 25, 2022 – Registrations

– Reception – African Cultural Extravaganza

– Understanding the international studentship requirements

– International Africa Students abroad – the perspective

– Launching the Forum for the African International Students®

– Education East Africa® – concept and strategies.

Day II: Sept 26, 2022

– Introduce our internal Blockchain Project in form of the Student Settlement Partnerships® (BlockChain SSPs)

– The Student Settlement Partnerships® (SSPs) as a US Student Cosigner to guarantee African International Students

– Create collaborations, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances with Universities, international Education consortiums and Recruitment Agencies among other.

– Adoption of all discussed concepts into tangible projects.

Conference Registration for two days is at a cost of $260

Please note that this registration is for the Conference attendance ONLY. You will be required to register for the Universities and College Tours separately.

The 5-days and 3-night of Universities and Colleges excursion in Berlin, Amsterdam and London, is further seeking a much deeper knowledge and understanding of the Education admission requirements; but also creating collaborations leading to partnerships, as we launch the prestigious Education East Africa (EduEA) program in the EU market.

September 28, 2022 AM

New York University – Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin Summer University of the Arts.


University of Economics and Law – Campus Schöneberg, Stanford University in Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS).

Accommodation at Seminaris CampusHotel Lifestyle + Design Berlin.

September 29, 2022


Board a flight from Berlin Schönefeld Airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


Webster University Graduate Studies Center (Webster Amsterdam Campus), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Accommodation at Flower Market Hotel

September 30, 2022


The University of Amsterdam.


Board from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Heathrow International Airport

Accommodation at Hotel ibis Styles London Heathrow Airport

October 01, 2022


Kingston University London, Roehampton Vale Campus,


St George’s, University of London, London South Bank University,

October 02, 2022


Kings College London, University of the Arts London,


The University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Please note that this registration is for the Universities and College Tours ONLY. You will be required to register for the Conference attendance separately.

This four-day/three-night tour will introduce you to several colleges and universities; where you will experience campus life as well as interact with the admissions picturesque.

The package Include student-led campus tours, transportation, meals, accommodation, meals and meetings with school admission and representatives. Lodging will occur in hotels located near the schools and is based on double occupancy.

The tour will be led by a representative from SocioCorporate Exchange and Education East Africa – EduEA

The African-Europe Cultural Fair – 2021 has been gazette by the SocioCorporate Exchange to feature alongside the Forum for the International African Students as a vehicle to create a cultural connection of the African international students in Europe, as well as launching a cultural exchange connection between Africa and Europe.

Exhibitors from across Africa and all over the world shall showcase African art and crafts, African fashions, African food and all activities exploring the cultural heritage of Africa.

The African-Europe Cultural Fair – 2021 shall run alongside and concurrently with the African-Europe Cultural Fair – 2021 to spice up the whole events.

Potential exhibitors are requested to contact the Events Manager through the

A spectacular closing ceremony will follow after the European tour of the higher learning institutions.

This is an opportunity for the young people from Africa to exhibit their talents to the whole world to witness the diversity of Africa.

It will be an evening of African diverse cultural performances, African Beauty & Fashion Catwalks but most importantly African Dishes, yammie!!!!!!!

We encourage you to dress in African fashion style to spice up the day.

Come as we dance to the tunes of the African musical roots.

Full Registration for the Conference, Universities Tour Package and the African Cultural Dinner – $1970