Corporate Executives Development® – Australia

August 08 – 11, 2022 Hilton Sydney 488George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Corporate Executives Development® – Washington

June 21 – 25, 2021 Graduate School USA at Washington, DC 600 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024-2520

Corporate Executives Development® – China

July 26 – 29, 2022 Conrad Guangzhou 222 Xing Min Road, Pearl River New Town Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510623

Corporate Executives Development® – Paris

November 08 – 12, 2021 Hilton Paris Opera 108 Rue Saint Lazare, Paris 75008

Corporate Executives Development® – Dubai

March 08 – 11, 2022 Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai Al Sa’ada Street, PO Box 9622, Dubai

Corporate Executive Development

The SocioCorporate in partnership with the Executive Training entities is introducing International Business Executives to dynamic-but-contemporary global business frameworks geared to managing the operations of both the Multinational and Local Business Organizations.

The Corporate Executives Development™ is therefore a Certified Global Executives Training Program, supporting Business Managers of Multinationals and Corporate Organizations to appreciate the dynamism of the contemporary global markets.

The training procedures combines a variety of pedagogical approaches that includes the; Lectures, Group Discussions, Case Analysis, Short Videos, meeting Company CEOs and Corporate/Company Site Tours.

The first program session during the Corporate Executive Development® corporate training is to introduce participants to the Global TILES System™ global citizenry socioeconomic structure allowing subscribing members and or participants to….;

T Trade I Invest L Live E Export S Study……………………..Anywhere all over the World………….!!!!!!!!! The Global TILES System™ is therefore intended for Global Futurists with an overview of globalization as the revolutionary Next Generation, as well as a bedrock to Multinational trade and investment activities. The Young Generation is the same benefiting from this consolidated effort through accessing cost-effective international studies and international employment openings.

The Corporate Executives Development encourages executive participation from the Multinationals, Corporate, Import-Export Trade Agencies, Learning Institutions, Young Executives and Government entities among others.

Day 01: The Global Financial System

Understanding the Contemporary Global Financial Systems (GFS)

• Information Technology and effects on the modern global financial transactions.

• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS)

• Foreign Exchange Risk Management for Multinationals

• Currency Risk Management Strategies for the globalized organizations

• Contemporary Payment Methods for international organizations

• Letter of Credit and UCP 600 (International Chamber of Commerce & eUCP)

• Intermediating the Global Loans on behalf of the International organizations

Day 02: International Business & World Trade Policy

• Understanding the contemporary WTO and Global Trade Regimes • Working within multiple Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs).

• Multinationals working with and within the Special Economic Zones.

• Dynamic and modern Export-Import Policies and Procedures.

• Contemporary International Business Management Strategy.

• Multinationals within the multicultural business communications

Day 03: Globalization and Globalized Markets

• Become more of a global citizen, and learn the economic and marketing aspects/outcomes of globalization.

• Recognize cultural differences in various global regions and their effect on the conduct of global business.

• Understand the benefits of engaging in international trade in relation to political economic factors such as free trade or regional agreements.

• Understand the geopolitics and how to strategically compete within the global markets.

• Develop strategies and plans for a product launch, market entry and implementation for a company in a foreign country.

• Gain exposure and perspective to the challenge of managing international marketing operations.

Day 04: Global Corporate Networking & Opportunities

Invest and or partner in highly rated corporate equity and stock in North America and Europe.

• Participate in instant Global Investments deals i.e. M&As, FDIs, Equities and Capital Markets to sell and or capitalize on their company position.

• Immigrate as an investor or skilled worker to US and Canada through the EB5/EB-1 and Express Entry Program respectively.

• Register your business as a US/European-based company vehicle.

• Investment opportunities in the North America and Europe.

• Export-Import trade facilitation and guarantees through our Integrated Export Facility®

Day 5 Corporate Outreach Program

– Meeting and discussing with Company CEOs

– Corporate/Companies and or Industries’ Site Tours

Key Outcomes

Day 1: Understanding and playing the Global Financial System

Day 2: Reposition business strategies within the World Trade Policies (WTO).

Day 3: Adopting Globalization and embracing Global Markets.

Day 4: Fulfilling the requirements to embrace the Global Tiles System to Trade, Invest, Live and Studying anywhere all over the world.

Day 5: Company/Industrial strategies Benchmarked